Gabriela Novellino



Gabs started dancing in 1995 at four years old and has never stopped. She acts as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, researcher, DJ and event organizer primarily in Brazil, Chile, and other South American scenes.

She has always felt a huge interest in learning and researching Lindy Hop history. During the pandemic, when her other activities suddenly were suspended, she was able to dedicate more of her time to this passion. She started asking more questions about the original dancers, about different Jazz dance styles and moves, and looking deep into the internet to find the answers.

She quickly started to acquire more knowledge, which she would gladly share in her online classes, and also on her social media. iLindy then decided to approach her and ask her to write some history pieces for the iLindy Blog, which she was very happy to do. With her Teacher’s Degree in English and Portuguese Language and Literature by the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, this allowed her to combine her two passions: writing and dancing.

She loves that iLindy offers her a space to share her research with a broader audience, which helps to spread the rich culture and history of this Black American art form with as many people around the world as possible.


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