Chisomo Selemani



Chisomo Selemani is a speech-language pathologist, professor, and dance enthusiast.

She is from Zambia, but has spent much of her life in the U.S. Even so, her very first dance lessons were from her mom and sisters. Chisomo became passionate about Afrobeats and dance fitness through dancing, performing and teaching with ZOCA dance Zambia. She has taught and performed across the U.S., mostly in conjunction with another dance passion, Swing.

She loves to dance, perform, compete, and teach Lindy hop and Balboa. Part of her artistic journey has included an investigation of how these different Afrocentric dance styles collide. She and her teaching partners believe in collaborative and reflective teaching approaches, giving class participants the opportunity to explore, share, and grow. She is also the co-founder and co-host of the podcast Integrated Rhythm. 

She and her co-founder, co-host, editor, international swing dance instructor, bestie, and all round amazing guy about town, Bobby White seek to have meaningful conversations around hard topics with featured guests on the Integrated Rhythm podcast. Chisomo loves Beantown and feels privileged to be a part of the Beantown family and featured instructor this year.


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