Andrea Gordon



Andrea Gordon is a social dancer's dancer and comedian. Lover of music, rhythm, and connection, Andrea started dancing in 2006 when the lindy hop world looked much different than today, culturally and aesthetically. As a Frankie Manning Ambassador, Andrea quickly found her developing style rooted in a pulse, feeling, and groove, honoring the values of herself and Black Americans—values she deeply felt from hearing the recollections of the celebrated legends of the Savoy Ballroom.

Unwilling to ignore the challenges Black dancers faced in the dance, Andrea took a hiatus until 2020, when she stepped onto the floor for the first time in six years. Change was in the air. It reinvigorated her passion for the dance and Andrea soon began teaching on her home floor, Atomic Ballroom in Irvine, with her best friend and dance partner, Matt Richey as well as teaching and emceeing at local and national events. She's so excited to help make space for others to feel at home in this cultural dance.

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