Ana Lisa Sutherland


Seattle, USA

Ana Lisa Sutherland is a whole lotta energy stuffed into a little package, and she brings it all to the floor! She began dancing early in life in California. There, she competed in Ballroom and Hip Hop before (accidentally) falling in love with the African American swing dance known as Lindy Hop. Nowadays, she can be found competing, teaching, and sharing her love of Lindy Hop wherever she goes.

Since 2008 she’s traveled the country to compete and learn swing dancing from its original legends and current-day champions. She holds multiple titles from top weekend events such as Lindyfest, Lindy Bout, Camp Jitterbug, Lindy Focus, and Lindy On The Rocks. Her recent performance highlights include the 20th Anniversary Jump Session Show and as a standing member of the dance team Hella Black Lindy Hop at the Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing.

Ana Lisa believes swing dancing is a cultural experience that allows its participants to connect with the roots of this African American historical dance, and that there is a place for everyone within it. Thus, she loves pulling from historical sources and the greats that have come before, as well as incorporating newer forms of dance from her continued explorations in dance.

In the classroom she strives to inspire other dancers to be authentically themselves on the floor and encourage everyone to get a lil weird. She helps her students approach each dance and class as if anything could happen and helps them to unlock the unique conversation they can have with their partner and the music.

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