Agustina Zero


Buenos Aires, Argentina

The main focus of her practice as a teacher is to conceive movement as a tool to go deep into who we are.

Agustina's proposal is to train on body awareness and creativity, using them to reivindicate the power of finding ourself in our body through movement.

Dancer and Teacher based in Buenos Aires. Agustina started dancing at 5 years old. Through the years she developed multiple techniques and body practices such as contemporary dance, African-rooted dances, Tango, Butoh, Pilates, and especially in improvisation and movement research and Swing Dances.

In 2006 Agustina entered the Art's National College in Buenos Aires Argentina, for the Bachelor of Choreographic Composition. The very same year she discovered Swing Dances, becoming the axis for her practice as a dancer.

From 2010 till today, she dedicates her everyday life to teaching and performing in Argentina and around the globe.

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